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Knowledge the Difference between Laser Engraving, Laser Marking and Laser Etching

Laser engraving, laser marking and laser etching are frequently used replaceable when it comes to laser method. But did you know there’s really a variation between these three terms?.

Don’t worry, if you applyone term to refer to another, we won’t receiveit against you. Not lots ofknow the difference. All three refer to enduringmarking on a material.

Here’s how to tell which one best explain the right laser methodology:

Laser Engraving

This, on the other hand, cuts a cleftthroughoutthe material’s surface leaving a cleftthat reveals an image or writing at eye level that is visibleto the touch as well. This is completedwith excessive heat laser causing the material outer surface to vaporize. It is very particularand is frequentlya good selectionfor people who want to personalize or convertsomething. Engraving depth can vary between 0.02″ in metals to 0.125″ in harder materials. You can engrave practicallyany type of material but are most frequentlyused for metal, plastics, wood, leather, glass and acrylic.

Laser Marking

This is completed with a minimal-powered beam by discoloring the material to create a great-difference without really disrupting the material’souter surface. The marking is completed via oxidation below the exterior causing it to turn black. It is occasionally called laser coloration or laser dark marking. It is generallyfrequently used on metals but the charring consequence can also be complete on plastic materials. It is normally used for serial numbers or model codes throughlarge application in the medical or automotive fields. Laser marking can be used on flat, curved or round surfaces.

Laser Etching

This is actuallya subsectionof engraving, with the main changebeing the deepnessof the cut. This is frequentlyno more than 0.001″ — which creates it the most feasibleselectionfor thin materials and small projects such as jewelry.

Those are the fundamental explanations and differences between the three terms regularly used for laser cutting. Feel free to contact us if you have anyqueries

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